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New Book!

A great big Thank You goes out to all the artist’s involved and to those who helped with the DTP side of things. But especially to my girl Faye, for her support and hard work throughout the project. What follows is a straight cut and paste of a prepared press release.

TTS CoverPR: A girl trapped in a box, a boy chained to a rock and a friendship between a child and a flower. These are just a few of the themes that storyteller Fehed Said explores in this collection. Joining Fehed Said, the acclaimed writer behind SLG’s Clarence Principle, and Sonia Leong, the award winning artist behind SMH’s Romeo & Juliet is a sterling lineup of the UK’s best new talent. Featuring artwork from Nana Li, Wing Yun Man, Chloe Citrine and Faye Yong.

“It was such a varied mix of stories” says Said. “When I was trying to come up with the title for the book, I wanted to find a connection between them all. Evidently, the critical moments in each piece came up as the protagonist’s talked with strangers.”

Nana Li was the artist for ‘Box’, and sums up that story as: “It’s a short and dark story, but I think the ending will leave a tingling sensation in the spine.” The same could certainly be said about the reading experience of this title. From the morbid fairy-tale style ‘Malignant’ and the sweetness of ‘Flowers’; this anthology showcases a variety in storytelling and artistic talent.

Talking To Strangers is due for release on 24th October 2009 at the London MCM Expo and available to buy online from the Sweatdrop Studios website.

1st Draft

Just yesterday, I had finally completed the first draft script of a new book I’m putting together. I’ve never printed out my scripts before, and was excited to see how it would look on paper. Came out to about 91 pages in total. That’s about standard for a script, I believe. There is an artist attached to this since last January and work starts on the project in October. I’m afraid however, that nothing more will be aired until the first quarter of 2010.

I’d been talked into publishing it online while we shop it around. I normally shy away from putting full projects on the web, but the Pro’s outweighed the Con’s in this particular case. I’ve considered doing this using episodes, similar to Freakangels, primarily because this is not a webcomic and a page-a-day release just doesn’t pack enough punch, in my opinion, nor do the flow of the story justice. I do like this new episodic trend and hope more people pick it up!

Faye ran through half of the script last night proofing it for me and as I occasionally glanced over her shoulder, I realised some of the earlier dialogue may need tweaking. It never ends! The last scene was rewritten about 5 times in my head, then 3 times on paper. I found myself stuck at one point going forward because the moment I was on just read horribly wrong.

I had to take it in steps and literally reverse engineer the scene, almost like looking for bugs in programming code, until I found the dialogue that started the downward spiral in the first place. Once I made the cut from that point on, I was able to rewrite the scene and finish it.

It always feels really strange reaching the end of scripting out a story. It’s hard to explain. Really, it’s merely the beginning of the project, but to hold the full story in my hands, when just a mere 10 months ago it was all notes and pieces of dialogue inside my head, gives me a sense of pride. For now, this is the first goal on a long ‘to-do’ list. I’ll enjoy this moment while it lasts.

Short Film is now Live

Hello all, I’ve finally launched the short film on a special mini-site created to help promote the title. This thing has taken ages to complete, but it’s done and I’m proud of the accomplishment.

Many thanks to the crew who helped put this thing together! They really are a superb bunch.

Special thanks to Dock for taking time out to help me with the editing of the images in the first scene, Emma who composed the music and Rik for editing/mixing the music.

For those of you who’ve read the book, as a special treat, I’ve released a downloadable PDF of the extended ending that we handed out during San Diego Comic Con when the title was first launched. This ending never went to print and it does offer a bit more closure than the original, should you need it :)

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