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Sick Day

I took the day off today after waking up feeling like crap. Had a cold for the past week and thought I’d gotten through the worst of it, then POW! Couldn’t sleep a wink all night and all out of Night Nurse (zonks you right out, that stuff). Such a shame, as I had a really chilled out Saturday night and finally got to watch ‘Interview‘, which was a pretty good movie.

Called in sick and spent most of today in bed, and my evening was spent playing Team Fortress 2. When I first got the Orange Box, I tried it once and I was awful at it. But now, I’m awful at it and having fun :D The game’s cool. I found myself enjoying it a lot, mainly because the team work aspect of the game actually works.

Oh, Red Dwarf reruns are on!! I’ll catch an episode of that and then crash I think. Hope everyone’s had a pleasant Sunday :)

Anyone for Cake?

I could tell you how awesome this game is. I could put lots and lots of screencaps trying to capture it’s genius. I could link you to review upon review that praise this game. But I won’t. I’d rather SHOW you a glimpse, and it really is just a tiny tiny glimpse, into what makes this game great. Check out the video below.

It’s not just the gameplay, it’s the whole package. The story, the humour, the puzzles. Dude, I think I’m in love <3

Weekend Thrills & Oranges

My recent visit to Cambridge differed this time round as instead of staying round Dock and Selina’s, I spent the trip at Emma and Pud’s house :) I actually got to sleep on a very comfy futon sofa bed.

The highlight of the trip I believe was when Emma and I decided to head out to Tesco’s to buy something for lunch. Our combined bills total was about £140, with only £15 of that being spent on food XD the rest went on games and DVD’s. We’d both picked up a copy of Thrillville, a game that featured work from Dock and Selina. It’s weird, as Emma said, going from buying books/comics created by friends, to now buying games created by friends! Now we wait to see who makes it to the movies first haha

I got myself the Xbox version, as you saw, and Emma picked up the Wii version. We’d spent the entire evening, from about 4:00pm till 11:30pm playing Thrillville non-stop! It’s THAT good. I can see why the Wii version is superior to the Xbox version, as some games, such as mini-golf and the entertainer’s dance game, take full advantage of the Wii-mote. Makes those kind of mini-games really fun to play.

Apart from just great mini-games (such as the wonderful Sparkle Quest 2 and Sparkle Island) the main theme of the game is to build and run theme-parks. You wouldn’t believe how much fun you can have creating crazy roller-coasters.
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