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Love is…

… buying a second PS3 Controller so the girlfriend and I can play LittleBigPlanet together :D

Had Dock and Faye round last weekend just after the game arrived in the post and I’d asked Dock to bring along any spare pads so we could try the multiplayer option. It was so much fun, that Faye was a little disappointed after Dock had to leave, as he’d taken the controller’s with him. Oh, we were also a little sad to see him leave, not just ‘cos he took the pads haha

I’d been meaning to pick up a spare, just never had good reason to before as I’d never had any multiplayer games really. I think we’ll try designing a level next time she’s round :)

Nothing news worthy to report. Carry on.

LAN Party

About a week ago now, I was invited to attend a LAN Party in Swindon at Gillian’s. I’ve been wanting to do a short write up about it for a while now, but have just been so busy lately. Even today, I’m writing this after coming back from a weekend at Rik and Wing’s, which I’ll write about later this week :)

I haven’t been to a LAN Party since I was 18 years old! I was looking forward to this for nearly 2 months and had anticipated the fact that no one will be sleeping much that weekend and decided to pick up a few tins of Caffeine Mints to help with that XD The first evening began with Kit picking me up at my apartment around midnight, arriving at Swindon at about 1:30am, and then immediately diving into an ‘Unreal Tournament 3′ match. By 8am I’d decided I needed to crash and excused myself to retire to my lovely fold-away futon that I’d brought along with me.

I’d only managed to get 3 hours of sleep though before I was up again at 11am, only to find that some people were still up playing ‘World of Warcraft’. I was tempted to join them, but I haven’t touched my WoW account in quite a while and my character was far too weak to go on Raids. In another corner of the room, we also had an Xbox 360 and a PS3. A couple of the guys were taking turns playing ‘Devil May Cry 4′, which is a stunning game. I’d been planning to pick this up in another month or so and this weekend kind of spoilered the game for me haha but it’s fine, I’m in it for the gameplay, not the story.

After some breakfast, Gillian decided to treat myself, Denji and Bex to a game of Scrabble! Yes. At a LAN Party, with all this awesome hardware around us, we play a board game. It was awesome XD You should’ve seen my face light up when I spelled the word ‘SPLEEN’. Also, I think we all giggled when Gillian spelled out ‘ORC’.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much more gaming, a trip to the supermarket to buy more energy drinks, some food and aspirin. I swear, I was buzzing so much, when the weekend was over, my body was shaking from Caffeine withdrawal! There was a lot more to the weekend, but unless you were there, words just don’t do it justice. It was great. The guys I’d met were all a fun bunch and we had a fantastic time shooting each other. There was a lot of love in that house that weekend.

Looking forward to the next event :D

They Want My Money

I can’t believe this sudden burst of games lately. I’ve been eating a packed lunch the past week in an attempt to save some cash after purchasing Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, N3: Ninety Nine Nights and Zombies Calling. I thought, great! These should keep me content for the next few months. I still want to pick up Mass Effect too at some point. Damn it!! See? All these games does not stop the lusting after the next load of upcoming titles. Oh, when will it end?!? *eats sandwich*

Looking forward to getting my hands on an Alone in the Dark demo (PLEASE release one T_T) but in the meantime, I played the demo for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which I really liked, and also just discovered Dark Sector (pictured above+below) which is coming out in about a month or so. Currently, very much looking forward to this title. It looks like super fun and it totally slipped under my radar. I only came across it by complete accident when I was doing a search for Dark Messiah on Amazon.

The main character in Dark Sector has had his arm exposed to some toxic disease and it mutates “into a gnarled, armoured instrument of destruction that can spontaneously grow a three-bladed flying weapon called the glaive”. It’s played in a third person view and has a few similar traits as RE:4, thus its appeal.

Lately I’ve noticed an influx in the action-mmo genre. *JOY*
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