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Telling Tales

Last weekend was the London MCM Expo where Sweatdrop Studios released “Telling Tales“, our newest anthology. It’s a little late I know. It’s taken me a week to recover from the Expo.

The gorgeous front cover was created by my better half, Faye Yong, who also has a 40 page comic adaptation of the Grimm Brother’s ‘The Three Feathers’ which I had the privilege of scripting for her. That was a really fun piece to do!

Press Release

Sweatdrop Studios presents you with a collection of tales adapted from stories well-loved and time-tested. Contained within these pages you’ll find fables from near and far; some will shock, some will surprise and some will make you smile. Sweatdrop’s artists have scoured the globe for stories that have inspired and touched them in some way, and we hope that they’ll do the same for you.

Magic, greed, love, friendship, loss and punishment – fairytales have always encompassed a haunting mix of the fantastical and macabre. This anthology, perfect for bed-time reading, will capture all of that and more in Sweatdrop’s expected variety of styles and approaches; and the group are thrilled to be joined in this special book by guest creator Svetlana Chmakova (NightSchool/Dramacon).

Of Prequels & Sequels

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking back fondly of my time reading ‘The Black Magician‘ trilogy and wanting to revisit the world. That rarely happens with books for me. I would say that this is probably the same reason the Harry Potter titles were so popular. It’s the world that they set which we miss, more so than the characters at times. Saying that, characters in the Black Magician are far more memorable to me.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I decided to do a little digging and discovered that there is a Prequel to the trilogy and a further planned Sequel trilogy that follows on years later from the original, bringing back a few of the lead characters! The first book due for release in early May.

I nearly squealed like a girl with joy :) Bless you Trudi Canavan! I have some unused book vouchers from my last birthday which will go towards picking these up soon.

In other news, there had been a couple more reviews pop up for ‘Talking to Strangers‘ -

The stories welcome second readings, and the darker tone here works very well with the short story medium. A great effort by the artists and author alike, with Flowers and Citrine’s confident work on Malignant feeling like particular high points. – Amanda Young, NEO Magazine
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#Note – The following (full) review contains spoilers. For people who’ve read the book, please click through to the full version. It’s like having a discussion with a friend at a book club.

Talking to Strangers is an impressive read. It’s a good variety of stories that are very well told and supported by great art. With the possible exception of “Hero” nothing herein is depressing. The stories are frightening, sad, and speak to our core beliefs and fears, but they also carry a message of struggling to live and realizing how precious life is (and how horrible some, including ourselves, can make it). It’s true such stories may not be for everyone, but I can highly recommend it as a powerful read you wont soon forget. – Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart
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Available to buy from Sweatdrop Studios and yes, we do ship worldwide and accept Credit/Debit cards online. Thanks for dropping by.

You take care now!

London Expo Oct ’09

I wanted to sum up the event, but so much had happened that I feel a little overwhelmed every time I try to put it all into words. Let me just run through the highlights.

London Expo, quite honestly, Rocked! I always look forward to this event, but this year more so, as it marked the release of my new book, Talking To Strangers, which is now available to buy online.

The Artists Vs. Writers showdown was fantastic fun, with us Writers coming out on top, surprisingly by beating the Artist’s at Pictionary, no less! We received equal points for the word game Taboo, mind you. I hope they do it again next year. Not sure they’d invite the same teams again, but I’ll definitely be around to watch it! Quick Edit: Nana took some photos of the Showdown here.

Didn’t really buy much this year. Picked up a copy of Morris The Mankiest Monster by Sarah McIntyre, because we like her a lot and her artwork is always worth owning! Got a copy of Derek the Sheep signed by Gary Northfield, a very nice guy with a wonderful sense of humour. It shows in his work. From the Sweatdrop table, I grabbed Selina’s latest titles, ‘Sunny’s Field’ and ‘Bellringers 2′ (not yet available online, but hey, did you know she launched a new webcomic? Go check it out!)

Finally got round to picking up a copy of Nana’s new book, Twelfth Night (did I ever get round to mentioning that Faye’s book, The Merchant of Venice, was out too? … I didn’t?!? *shock-horror* I should be shot!!).

Caught up with Paul and wrangled a signature out of him on a couple of artbooks. Lovely work, as always! How I wish he’d release a new comic both written and illustrated by him. It’s been too long dude!! … Quizzed Kate with regards to when her collected book, The Spider Moon, will be officially released. It’s fairly soon, so keep an eye out. It will be in HARDCOVER!! I’m quite excited about that.

What else? … Oh, never had this happen to me before – Had a gentleman recognise my name off my badge, turned out to be a Clarence Principle fan and seemed genuinely excited to learn that I had a new book out. Nice guy, called Ennis I believe? Gosh, hope I got your name right dude! I suck at remembering names.

I’ve had people walk up to the Sweatdrop table many times to tell me how much they enjoyed Clarence before, but those were people who actually came looking for me. This time round, it’s been a varied mix of people returning the next day after reading the new book to tell me how much they loved it! Wasn’t expecting feedback that soon. Great feeling, that.

Due to carrying a lot of books to the event, I wasn’t able to bring my camera along. So instead, here are some photos from Joanna’s camera that both her and I took. Also, have a link to Flickr with a collection of everyone else’s photos!

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