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Tell No Lies − Fatty-Chan Adventures – Part 01

Fatty-Chan Adventures – Part 01

Back in early February, Faye and I flew to Malaysia for a 3 week break. It had been 3 years since she’d been back there and the trip was planned to coincide with Chinese New Year. Lots of food to be had that time of year and what better place to indulge than K.L. :)

It was a fairly pleasant, yet long flight there. Around 18 hours including the stop over. The weather was hot and humid, which as Faye had warned me many times prior, usually results in a sticky feeling if you wander around outdoors too long.

I got to not only meet Faye’s brothers for the first time, but quite a few of her extended family as well. I felt very welcomed by everyone there. I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the trip! Lots of food consumed. Hotel banquets, family feasts, not to mention the many, many CNY sweets and treats that were offered at every residence we visited. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first part of our trip saw us visiting the gorgeous Pangkor Island. Enough blabber, though. Let the photos do the talking. Here’s the first round from the trip.

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