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Tell No Lies − Heading Home

Heading Home

Today Faye and I are heading back home to London after spending a lovely 3 weeks in Malaysia. I’ll blog about that with pictures in the coming weeks. I just wanted to note down a couple more reviews that came out during the month.

First, a lovely review from Kate Dacey at The Manga Critic, who also just this week wrote an article for her ‘Ten Great Global Manga‘ choices, where ‘Talking to Strangers‘ earned an honourable mention. I’m truly flattered by this! (warning: full review contains spoilers)

In the foreword to this short-story collection, author Fehed Said explains the genesis of its title. “In desperate or even just unfamiliar circumstances,” he notes, “we are more than willing to talk to anyone who will listen. We seek comfort in the company of strangers, often accept help without question.” That motif is developed, to varying degrees, throughout the six stories that comprise this anthology. [...] Talking to Strangers contains more hits than misses, offering readers an appealing and varied assortment of stories illustrating a simple theme: “Only connect!” – Katherine Dacey, The Manga Critic
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Next up is a very thoughtful review. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting anything less from Michael May.

Like the other stories in Talking to Strangers, “Flowers” encourages readers to reach out to people. To share with them the things that make us happy. Or sad. To see beyond ourselves and look out for each other. Some of the stories do it better than others, but they all deliver the same message and – as a group – they do it powerfully. Don’t be scared, they say. Take a chance. Talk to strangers. It just might save your life. – Michael May, Robot 6 at CBR.Com
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I’m so chuffed at all these great reviews and the positive reactions I’ve gotten from readers. Really makes all the hard work put into this title worthwhile.

To buy the book, click here. As always, we ship internationally :)

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