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Tell No Lies − Of Prequels & Sequels

Of Prequels & Sequels

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking back fondly of my time reading ‘The Black Magician‘ trilogy and wanting to revisit the world. That rarely happens with books for me. I would say that this is probably the same reason the Harry Potter titles were so popular. It’s the world that they set which we miss, more so than the characters at times. Saying that, characters in the Black Magician are far more memorable to me.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I decided to do a little digging and discovered that there is a Prequel to the trilogy and a further planned Sequel trilogy that follows on years later from the original, bringing back a few of the lead characters! The first book due for release in early May.

I nearly squealed like a girl with joy :) Bless you Trudi Canavan! I have some unused book vouchers from my last birthday which will go towards picking these up soon.

In other news, there had been a couple more reviews pop up for ‘Talking to Strangers‘ -

The stories welcome second readings, and the darker tone here works very well with the short story medium. A great effort by the artists and author alike, with Flowers and Citrine’s confident work on Malignant feeling like particular high points. – Amanda Young, NEO Magazine
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#Note – The following (full) review contains spoilers. For people who’ve read the book, please click through to the full version. It’s like having a discussion with a friend at a book club.

Talking to Strangers is an impressive read. It’s a good variety of stories that are very well told and supported by great art. With the possible exception of “Hero” nothing herein is depressing. The stories are frightening, sad, and speak to our core beliefs and fears, but they also carry a message of struggling to live and realizing how precious life is (and how horrible some, including ourselves, can make it). It’s true such stories may not be for everyone, but I can highly recommend it as a powerful read you wont soon forget. – Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart
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Available to buy from Sweatdrop Studios and yes, we do ship worldwide and accept Credit/Debit cards online. Thanks for dropping by.

You take care now!

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