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The latest Sweatdrop Podcast is out. Always worth a listen for fun and giggles. A little drinking game for you: Take a shot every time someone says “Yes” XD see how long you last.

Emma Vieceli has launched Dragon Heir: Reborn – totally redrawn and available as a webcomic online.

Also, I’ve been invited to take part in a fun event at the upcoming London Expo on Sunday 25th, 14:00-14:40. Details follow –

Expo showdown – Writers Vs Artists

The concept: Two teams of 5. One team of Writers and one team of Artists. Two rounds. One Pictionary and one Taboo. You see where we’re going with this! We’ll finally find out who is in fact better. Writers or artists!

The Writers: Tony Lee, Antony Johnston, Kieron Gillen, Andy Diggle and Fehed Said

The Artists: Dan Boultwood, Ben Templesmith, Jamie McKelvie, Jock and Faye Yong

Should be a laugh, especially Pictionary. My Art Skillz!! Come, let me show you them XD

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