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They Want My Money

I can’t believe this sudden burst of games lately. I’ve been eating a packed lunch the past week in an attempt to save some cash after purchasing Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, N3: Ninety Nine Nights and Zombies Calling. I thought, great! These should keep me content for the next few months. I still want to pick up Mass Effect too at some point. Damn it!! See? All these games does not stop the lusting after the next load of upcoming titles. Oh, when will it end?!? *eats sandwich*

Looking forward to getting my hands on an Alone in the Dark demo (PLEASE release one T_T) but in the meantime, I played the demo for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which I really liked, and also just discovered Dark Sector (pictured above+below) which is coming out in about a month or so. Currently, very much looking forward to this title. It looks like super fun and it totally slipped under my radar. I only came across it by complete accident when I was doing a search for Dark Messiah on Amazon.

The main character in Dark Sector has had his arm exposed to some toxic disease and it mutates “into a gnarled, armoured instrument of destruction that can spontaneously grow a three-bladed flying weapon called the glaive”. It’s played in a third person view and has a few similar traits as RE:4, thus its appeal.

Lately I’ve noticed an influx in the action-mmo genre. *JOY*

With Tabula Rasa finally released (got to try it, very cool, may subscribe), reviews of Huxley started popping up again (not that keen on this one) and there’s been sneak peeks at the upcoming The Agency, which reminds me of Team Fortress in style. But today, some sites had been reporting about a Korean action-mmo titled The Day that’s released some gorgeous concept art which I’d like to share.

If they can get the game to look as good as the concept art, I’m sold! I love the whole past/future sci-fi look :D Click here for more concept art. This post is riddled with links today.

On the plus side, at least there are enough titles out there to keep me entertained for the next year XD I promised myself that I won’t buy anything new until I’ve completed what I’ve purchased. My time management is fine, by the way. I don’t spend more than 2 or 3 hours every few nights on games :) I do try to stay productive! Speaking of which, tonight is the Jiman Prize Ceremony at the Japanese Embassy, hoping to catch up with Gillian and Michael to congratulate them and possibly discuss our projects together a bit. It’s not often I get to a face-to-face chat with people I’m working with.

Free Drinks and Sushi Ahoy!!

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  1. #1. Domenic on January 18th, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    tell me about it… and on top of that be a 15 year old withh fuck all money, ALSO with that same lust :P

    but to keep me entertained i bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet, its so cool XD

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