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Tell No Lies − Weekend Thrills & Oranges

Weekend Thrills & Oranges

My recent visit to Cambridge differed this time round as instead of staying round Dock and Selina’s, I spent the trip at Emma and Pud’s house :) I actually got to sleep on a very comfy futon sofa bed.

The highlight of the trip I believe was when Emma and I decided to head out to Tesco’s to buy something for lunch. Our combined bills total was about £140, with only £15 of that being spent on food XD the rest went on games and DVD’s. We’d both picked up a copy of Thrillville, a game that featured work from Dock and Selina. It’s weird, as Emma said, going from buying books/comics created by friends, to now buying games created by friends! Now we wait to see who makes it to the movies first haha

I got myself the Xbox version, as you saw, and Emma picked up the Wii version. We’d spent the entire evening, from about 4:00pm till 11:30pm playing Thrillville non-stop! It’s THAT good. I can see why the Wii version is superior to the Xbox version, as some games, such as mini-golf and the entertainer’s dance game, take full advantage of the Wii-mote. Makes those kind of mini-games really fun to play.

Apart from just great mini-games (such as the wonderful Sparkle Quest 2 and Sparkle Island) the main theme of the game is to build and run theme-parks. You wouldn’t believe how much fun you can have creating crazy roller-coasters.

Emma and Pud introduced me to this absolutely insane anime called Paniponi Dash. It’s totally nutters! I found myself laughing out loud often during every episode. I don’t understand how people can dream up this stuff! They must’ve been on crack with a hint of acid and lots ‘n lost ‘o sugar!!

We’d also found time to catch up with the rest of the Cambridge crew (Sonia, Matthew, Laura, Selina and Dock) and enjoyed a meal at Aki Teri’s, where I got to watch on the TV screens they had there the magnificent collection of headwear that Jamiroquai had featured in his videos over the last decade or so. Some crazy stuff.

All in all, a good time was had by all.

The End.

PS. This month’s Sweatdrop Podcast is out and the guys talk about the new ‘co_OKiE: Workaholic‘ comic in it. Check it out! It’s a good one!

3 responses to “Weekend Thrills & Oranges”

  1. #1. Dom on November 6th, 2007 at 5:50 am

    i didnt know you had an xbox 360! nice, so thrillville is like sim city but with rollar coasters and such? nice, im buyin halo 3 this weekend but i’ll definatly check it out! (oh and how do i take the 360′s faceplate off!?!?!)
    i watched that Pani Poni Dash! vid, oh my god i want to see that so bad!!!!! looks effing awesome! XD “the cat who lives in the soda machine who says he’s god” who comes up with these things!?!?!
    just got the new sweatdrop podcast, just listening to it now.
    it was my b’day on saturday XD (the 3rd) :D

  2. #2. Fehed on November 8th, 2007 at 5:54 pm

    I have no idea how to take the faceplate off. I’ve had the 360 now for just over a month, still a fairly new purchase.

    And Happy Belated Birthday Wishes XD

  3. #3. Dom on November 9th, 2007 at 5:20 am

    haha thanks anyways.

    Thanks dude :D

    you’ve been neglecting flickr! XD

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